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CONNECTOR - A Nonformal Happening

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Cluj Napoca, Jud. Cluj
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Pentru prezentarea in limba romana, click pe CONNECTOR - Un Happening Nonformal

UPDATE! The workshop collection is available HERE.

Follow what is happening on the Facebook event dedicated to CONNECTOR HERE.


There are thousands of people all over Europe passionate about nonformal learning and there are hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) who benefit from it. This event is dedicated to them and to those from other fields  willing to share and to develop together learning methods and tools that are meaningfull, with impact at both personal and professional level.

The time has come for nonformal to have its own celebration. CONNECTOR creates an interactive “happening” for hundreds of people from all over Europe for which nonformal learning is the natural choice which completes and supports formal education.

Why Cluj-Napoca?

A city with a vibrant cultural and social life, Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital in 2015. With an ambitious programme and reach activity plan (see details HERE), where the motto is the proaction verb SHARE, the two concepts fit naturally while this is exactly what CONNECTOR aim for nonformal learning.

2014 is just the start of our journey, being the first CONNECTOR edition of more to come. It will carry on in 2015, aiming to make CONNECTOR a European reference point regarding nonformal learning in the next years.

Event objectives?

In every learning process the core is the people involved. Learning interactively by doing, with pleasure, focusing on the participants needs and experience is the key to personal and professional development. With these in mind, the main objectives of the event are:

- to promote nonformal learning in Europe and Romania
- to create connections between nonformal learning, formal education and vocational training
- to develop a space for identifying the common needs and challenges of all the stakeholders involved
- to develop solutions for the identified problems, challenges through projects and network activities
- to create a collaborative space for sharing methods, instruments, practices and efficient ideas for learning

How will CONNECTOR work?

The event is based on three main pillars (first two thematic oriented, the last being a support instrument): LAB+, INCUBATOR+ and CONNECTOR+


Inspired from the experience gathered in five editions of organizing nonformal laboratory at national level, the first pillar aims to create a space for SHARING and experimenting  different learning methods and tools, in a two steps process.

First step (learning): such methods and tools will be shared by resource persons (experienced professionals) in parallel workshops and training courses taking place in the first two days of the event. Examples of such activities can be found in the playlist on the right side (English subtitles - the short movies were made during an event with similar topic).

Second step (experimenting): will take place during the last two days of the event, when the participants will implement them in the local community thourgh shows, performances or other type of interactive activities.


According to the Free Online Dictionary an incubator is (among other things) "a place or situation that permits or encourages the formation and development, as of new ideas". To provide a place or space for this, on the third day of the event will be dedicated to the exchange of ideas, practices, experiences among participants aiming of identify network activities and projects than can be developed collaboratively. The INCUBATOR+ will use an "unconference" methodology inspired by Open Space Tehnology based on the experiences gathered in the first three editions of Volunteque (a national event dedicated to inspire and share experiences on volunteering in general and European Voluntary Service in particular).


Willing to connect as many nonformal passionates as possible, the event will be open to all those interested, self-funded or who can cover its costs from various sources. The organizations which are willing to include CONNECTOR in the activities they are planning to finance through different nonrefundable fund -programmes (ERASMUS+, Structural Funds, other types of funding) are encouraged to do so (of course, under the conditions that the objectives are aligned to be willing to be involved in the whole five days process). The activites of this section are the same of those in the LAB+ and INCUBATOR+ sections, CONNECTOR+ being a tool to support participation of those interested.
For example, in ERASMUS+, a ten-day youth exchange project can foresee a five-day participation at CONNECTOR and another five days for complementary activities. A strategic partnership can secure the participation in CONNECTOR of a certain number of representatives of the organizations involved.
To facilitate the participation of as many interested people as possible, the organizers are trying to identify low-price accommodation opportunities.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone interested in nonformal learning: practitioners, trainers, facilitators, youth workers, teachers, educators, support staff, representatives coming from youth sector, adult education, formal education (school or university) or vocational training.
For the resource persons (see LAB+ section) proposing trainings and workshops and for a limited number of participants, the costs of the event will be covered by the National Agencies for the ERASMUS+ programme (more information on this issue will be available soon). Any other person interested in participating and willing to cover the costs from other resources is invited to apply (see the description for CONNECTOR+).

The event is organized by the Romanian National Agency managing ERASMUS+ (ANPCDEFP), in cooperation with SHARE Federation and Cluj-Napoca Municipality.
Adresa: all over the city
Organizator: Romanian National Agency managing ERASMUS+ (ANPCDEFP), SHARE Federation, Cluj-Napoca Municipality.
Persoane de contact: Andrei Popescu (, 021/2010715)
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