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EVS Rainbow Party

Incepe la 22-10-2016 ora 19:00, se incheie la 22-10-2016 ora 22:00
Cluj-Napoca, Jud. Cluj
Creat de Sonia Donca-Bercuci la 18-10-2016, 9:50:27 / Editat de Andrei Popescu la 18-10-2016, 10:26:50
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EVS Rainbow Party

Celebrating Non-formal learning somewhere over the Rainbow


The international volunteers within AIDA's team are organazing an EVS Rainbow party that will take place this Sunday, 23rd October in ClujHub (Str. Pitesti 19, Cluj-Napoca), starting at 6.30 pm.


This event, adressed to the EVS community in Cluj-Napoca, is a festivity of the Non-formal learning days that are taking place in this month. A party where current EVSers in Cluj and their collegues from their accreditted NGO's, former Romanian EVSers and former international EVSers that are still living in Cluj, dressed up as the colours of the rainbow, will share the values of volunteering, interculturality and non-formal education.


If you find yourself within any of these target groups or know someone that does, feel free to join and to invite them. The event has a capacity of 60 people. We kindly ask you to confirm your assistance in this link


Join the Facebook event to stay updated with the number of assistants and more detailed information:


Vă aşteptăm!
Adresa: str. Pitesti, nr. 19, Cluj HUB
Organizator: AIDA, Asociatia pentru Initiative Durabile - Alternative
Persoane de contact: Sonia Donca-Bercuci,
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